It was a Saturday evening in May in Mobile, AL.  One thing you should know about Mobile, the saying "April showers bring May flowers" doesn't apply.  Mobile beats Seattle in most rainfall each year.  It's the rainiest city in the United States and a bulk of it comes in the month of May and it's usually pop-up storms that can't be predicted.

Any outdoor event in Mobile is a risk, but when you get a clear day, it can be beautiful. 

This was a chance Kayla and Russell took on their big day, and unfortunately, the weather wasn't in their favor, or so they thought.  

The wedding was held at a beautiful venue in downtown Mobile called Fort Condi.  The idea was for the wedding and reception to take place outside, and the venue is set up like your on a beautiful street in downtown New Orleans.  It was going to be amazing.  Then the downpour came.  But the rain didn't stop their guests from attending.  It poured until minutes before the ceremony started, and then, a break.  The ceremony was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, and the personally written vows were deep and sincere.  

As soon as the ceremony ended, the rain came back.  We worked the photo booth on a porch under one of the really cool houses for about an hour but realized no one was risking the rain to come out from under the tent or away from the main house to get their photo taken.  This was no good... not for us and certainly not for the special couple.  We wanted them to have these memories and we wanted their guests to have an amazing experience.  

The DJ, who was a real trooper that night, decided to break down his rig and move it all inside.  He was determined to get these people dancing.  So we followed his lead, broke down our gear, and set up a make-shift booth in one of the small rooms inside the house.  The result, the guests had a blast!  They were dancing for hours, coming through the photo booth three and four times, and by the end of the night people were talking about how amazing this wedding was.  

What could have been a horrible day for this special couple turned out to be fantastic and a lot of fun.  It's always good to be flexible and this couple was not going to let something as unpredictable as the weather mess up one of the most important days of their lives.  

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